Socket Tools

When it comes to DIYing, home repair, and improvements, having Socket tools from Web Tools is a necessity. It can quickly help you remove fasteners and nuts while giving you more leverage than regular wrenches, pliers, or even screwdrivers.

Socket tools are designed for people who want to do minor repairs and maintain their instruments. It ensures you will accomplish more work in less time with its multi-functional design.

Instructions On How To Use The Socket Tool

Step One

Insert the sockets on the ratchet handle according to the size of the fasteners you need to remove. There are sizes available for your convenience, starting from ¼-inch up to ¾ -inch (universal size).

Step Two

Apply light force when using it not to damage the screws or fasteners. If needed, wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from any flying debris that might contact the sockets while being used.

Step Three

Make sure that you are using the appropriate size of socket for the fasteners you need to remove. It is easy to get confused when finding out which one is appropriate, but you can get the sizes you need from the owner's manual of your automobile or other household appliances.

Step Four

If you want to get the fastener loose quickly, follow these steps: a) apply lubricant on it to prevent damage; b) use a breaker bar for added torque and power; c) turn clockwise until it becomes loose.

Step Five

Completely loosen the fastener when needed. Make sure that you have a steady hold on it to prevent accidents like dropping it accidentally on your feet. To remove it, turn counter-clockwise until it falls out of its place, then put it in a safe place.

Step Six

Reverse the process if you want to put it back on, but make sure that the threads of both ends match perfectly with each other, or else you will experience problems when using it again due to stripped threads.

Tips on Using The Socket Tools

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