Mebtools believes that your life should be easy, comfortable, and everything should be conveniently handy. Our goal is to provide an innovative, inspiring, and practical approach to fun and useful tools to improve the quality of your life. With affordable products, your home renovations, remodeling, and repair should be seamless. 

With stylish accessories to complement your skills, clothing, and tasks, these cool gadgets will simplify your life and make it more comfortable.

Offering only the highest quality products at the best prices, we seek to be your number—one-stop-shop!

High-quality, practical and handy tools for every DIYer!

Our goal is to offer an extensive range of trendy and high-end products through our comprehensive quality check and control. Mebtools strictly follow quality control standards to ensure our products will meet consistent, high-quality standards and guaranteed to meet user’s requirements. 

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Developing an innovative tool that simplifies our tasks regarding home repairs and DIY is our top priority. We know how annoying and frustrating it can be to try accessing tools when doing something, and you can’t just turn back and forth—a complete waste of your precious time.

We know things should be better for us, falling screws, nails, hard-to-reach flashlights to check your work in the dark or as situations needed. That is why we came up with a handy and practical tool for everyone. 

Maintaining absolute control is vital when it comes to manufacturing and operations. Proper casing ideas, fast turnaround of events, competitive price, and consistency are what we offer.

We’ve been there, and we know what you need when you need it and how you need tools. You need everything handy and accessible, and we’ll assist you out. Mebtools has been helping everyone since day one. That’s our commitment. 

All our products are 100% guaranteed satisfaction and practical. If we don’t meet your standards or never satisfy your needs, give us a call or reach out to our ever-supportive and well-trained representatives. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

You can also ask for a refund. Check out our return policy too.

What People Are Saying!

My husband has been using this product all the time. Suddenly he likes fixing everything around, and I love that! He’s doing several remodeling around, and it’s a practical tool to take along without worrying about losing everything.

-Tyler D., United States

It has a very strong magnet, velcro to keep all your screws, nails, etc., accessible. It’s very snazzy, which makes it a handy tool holder you’ll surely appreciate when you DIY several things around the house.

-Alfred W., United States
The magnet of this tool holder is very strong and fits tons of stuff. Comfortable to use, easy to wear, comes with a flashlight, and very helpful. It comes nicely on a gift box which is a great deal if you’re looking for a fantastic gift!

-January T., United States
Great product. I will recommend it to everyone I know! This tool is the true meaning of what “handy” and “practical” mean. This is a lot more useful and helpful, which checks all the right boxes. It has stronger magnets, a removable flashlight with velcro so you can place it wherever, and a loop to hold your pencil or marker. Pretty cool stuff indeed!

-April F., United States

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