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Magnetic Wristband with 20 Strong Magnets3

Multipurpose Magnetic Wristband With Flashlight And Tape Measure Ideal For DIY, Mechanics, Carpenters Plus High-Quality Robust Magnets

For complete construction comfort and convenience, this tool holder designed by Mebtools is crafted for mechanics, carpenters, and DIYers in mind. With loop security, excellent wrist support, and outstanding comfort, you'll always be looking forward to fixing with ease.

Handy, accessible, comfortable, durable, and high-quality tool holder offers complete flexibility and versatility to meet your unique requirements.

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I find this handy tool efficient and practical when I’m DYIng stuff in the house. I actually bought an extra for gift giving and am planning to order another one soon. 

-Alex Q., United States

It has a very strong magnet, velcro to keep all your screws, nails, etc., accessible. It’s very snazzy, which makes it a handy tool holder you’ll surely appreciate when you DIY several things around the house.

-Alfred W., United States

Great product. I will recommend it to everyone I know! This tool is the true meaning of what “handy” and “practical” mean. This is a lot more useful and helpful, which checks all the right boxes.

-April F., United States

Five stars? Maybe ten if there is. It’s a fantastic tool holder. It makes everything easy for me, and the magnets are a knockout! Comfortable to wear, handy, and totally recommended products.

-David P., United States

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