Magnetic Wristband

A magnetic wristband holder for tools is ideal for DIYers. The magnetic strip firmly attaches to your tool, and the magnet inside keeps it close, making it easy to find when you need them again.

Once attached, just wrap around your wrist or slip over your hand – no more pockets full of loose nails or screws! Magnetic wristband holders also have a small hole at the end so that you can hang them on a nail in a workshop out of harm’s way from cutting blades.

How To Use Magnetic Wristband Holder

Step One

Attach a magnetic strip onto the back of a tool by lining up the two ends together, then fold over one end into place.

Step Two

Wrap wrist band around the hand so that it sits comfortably on top of palm with a magnet in front and fabric facing towards fingers - this will allow hands-free use while keeping tools close at all times.

Step Three

Slip wristband overarm for left-handed people or wrap around right arm if you're a right-handed person.

Benefits Of Using Magnetic Wristband Holder

How To Clean Your Wristband Tool Holder?

To clean the holder, wipe it with a damp cloth. To keep magnets from sticking to each other and tools inside while not in use, store them wrapped in fabric or tissue paper. 

If the wristband is stained, try using baby shampoo on stains – this will act as an excellent stain remover for most fabrics. If all else fails and you need to remove stubborn blood/dirt stains, soak the garment of the wristlet overnight in cold water mixed with ¼ cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of water before usually washing (bleach does wonders!).

Rinse well after soaking by hand and place into the washing machine right away!

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